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Career Possibilties

Diego Riveria Rockefeller Mural


The following Latin American and Caribbean Studies graduates are now teaching at the following postsecondary institutions

  • Pascal Lupien, Associate Professor at Brock University
  • Olga Tararova, Assistant Professor, Western University
  • Mery Perez, Post-Doctoral Industry-Engaged Researcher   
  • Luis Jaimes-Dominguez, University of Waterloo
  • Ibis Lam, University of Waterloo
  • Juan Rodriguez Camacho, Universidad Externado de Colobia
  • Macarena Suazo Flores, Conestoga College
  • Maria Beltramo, Conestoga College
  • Betty Muñera, Conestoga College

LACS graduates with other noteworthy positions include

  • Jennifer Martino, Executive Director at One Laptop Per Child Canada
  • Abigail Barrett, Inclusion Officer, University of Guelph
  • Flavia Lucia Pereira de Paula, Senior Nutrition Consultant, Ministry of Solicitor General - Ontario Public Services
  • Carlos Muñoz Charmorro, United Nations Office in Colombia and Mexico
  • Allison Zaldivar, Policy Officer at Global Affairs Canada
  • Jose Abad-Puelles, Head of Innovation at Fairtrade International, Germany
  • Manuel Arellano, Manager of Social Media Relations for Scotiabank
  • Melissa Paciulan, Case Worker at the Mennonite Coalition for Refugee Support
  •  Leslie Usin-Rojas, Secondary School Teacher under the Toronto District School Board
  • Oscar Fernando Lopez, International Sales Representative, Corey Nutrition Inc.

Having completed LACS degree,  in the process of completing Ph. D. programs at universities across Canada and the US

  • Luis Amaya Madrid, University of California Berkeley
  • Paul Fritz Gamarra Yañez, McGill Univeristy
  • Daniel Ruiz Quintero, University of Ottawa
  • Ariadna Pauliuc, History, University of Toronto
  • Shenella Charles, History, University of Toronto
  • Olivia Cooke, Spanish Studies, Queen´s University, Belfast 
  • Meredith Richard, Hispanic Studies, McGill University
  • Lisa Lawlor, Sociology, SUNY(Buffalo)
  • Veronika Brejkaln, Latin American Literature, University of Toronto
  • María Soledad Zabalza, Latin American Literature, University of Toronto
  • Shenella Charles, History, University of Toronto
  • Grace Gamache, Spanish Literature, University of Western Ontario
  • Eduardo Jose Villalobos Graillet, Latin American Literature, University of Toronto
  • Samantha Costas, Political Science, Loyola University
  • Middle Lemoine, International Relations, University of Ottawa
  • Jaime Brenes Reyes, Comparative Literature, University of Western Ontario