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LACS International Development Collaboration

Diego Riveria Rockefeller Mural

The LACS/IDS MA degree is recommended to students who have academic backgrounds in the humanities and the social sciences and who are interested in better understanding the sources of international inequality, (under-) development and the process and strategies for change. Students enrolled in the LACS/IDS program take the four required courses for the LACS program (Methodology, Identity and Culture I and II, and Globalization and Security), plus the required IDEV*6100 International Development Studies Seminar. Instead of LACS*6000 Methodology course students may take POLS* 6940 Qualitative Research Design and Methods or SOC*6130 Quantitative Research Methods. The two electives must comprise Economics (ECON*6370 Economic Development in Historical Perspective or its equivalent) and Sociology (SOC*6500 Social Movements in Latin America, SOC*6460 Gender and Development or SOC*6420 Global Agro-Food Systems, Communities and Rural Change). LACS/IDS students will write one research paper (1.0 credit). The Major Research Paper may be based on fieldwork abroad or at a Canadian institution dealing with Latin American issues. The major paper or LACS*6100 Research Paper/Project (1.0 credits) of approximately 12,000 words will be researched and written under the direction of one or two faculty members from the Social Sciences or from the Economics, one of whom could be from an exchange Latin American partner university. The major paper can be written in either Spanish or English. See also the International Development Studies MA program requirements.