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Undergraduate Studies

Undergraduate programs within the School of Languages and Literatures

Students have the opportunity to learn a language they have never studied or to build on their existing language skills.

Those pursuing majors and minors in SOLAL can choose courses with content ranging from literary and cultural studies to business applications to linguistics and second language acquisition. Each unit in SOLAL (Classical Studies, French Studies, German Studies, Italian Studies, and Spanish and Hispanic Studies) combines in-class learning with out-of-class experience through various activities, such as theatre, symposia, concerts, trips, conversation groups, and, most important, the opportunity to study in the target language through one of our many exchange programs. 

In addition to culture and literature seminars offered in the target languages,

we offer courses that are accessible to students who may not have an extensive background in a second language. This allows students to expand their cultural horizons through the examination of such topics as Myth and Fairy Tales (HUMN*3020), Renaissance Lovers and Fools (HUMN*3400), and Holocaust & WWII in Lit. & Film (HUMN*3470)among others.

Classical Studies at the University of Guelph

Classical Studies is the study of cultural achievements of the ancient Greeks and Romans from the earliest records to the Middle Ages. Their development of critical thinking, political organization and the arts was of the greatest importance in forming the cultural tradition of the West.  Learn more


European Studies at the University of Guelph

Our program in European Studies will prepare you for a career in Canadian-European relations. You will concentrate on German, French, Italian or Spanish and choose among history, political science, literature, art history, administration, economics, and business courses in an area of emphasis in either culture and civilization or business. Learn more


Études Françaises at the University of Guelph

The Department of French Studies at the University of Guelph offers a master's program that reflects the research areas of its faculty. These areas include French-speaking literature (Quebec, French, African and West Indian literature); teaching French as a second language, literary translation and intermediality. Learn more


German Studies at the University of Guelph

Within the European Union, Germany is not only the most populous country, it also has the largest economy of the member states. It continues to be among the world’s most important contributors in research and development. Learn more


Spanish and Hispanic Studies at the University of Guelph

Spanish is the world’s second most widely used language, surpassed only by English in its international popularity.   Learn more


Italian Studies at the University of Guelph

At the University of Guelph students can take courses in Italian language through the advanced level as well as courses in Medieval, Renaissance, and contemporary Italian literature. Learn more