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Entrepreneur pairs knowledge of food and wine

Christine Fawcett discovered the key to success when she started her own business, Keystone Fine Wines. “I’m not just selling wine; it’s the business of wine,” she says, adding that her knowledge of food and wine combined with her business background allows her to work with a variety of clients in the hospitality industry.

HTM 'Bermudian' Tourism Student Interns in New York

SimonHighlighting a “very important initiative” to gain experience in the tourism industry for the “best and the brightest” Bermudians, Tourism Minister Shawn Crockwell paid tribute to the David H Allen Memorial Internship.

Speaking in the House of Assembly on Friday, the Minister acknowledged four young Bermudians selected as interns as a result of the initiative.

Trent Tucker honoured with national award

Congratulations to Trent Tucker (HTM Assistant Professor), recipient of the 2013 Desire2Learn Innovation Award in teaching and learning!!  He is among only five Canadian academics to be honoured with the award and recognized for making innovations in university education accessible to all of his students.

The annual award will be presented on June 21st in Sydney, N.S. by Desire2Learn and the Society for Teaching and learning in Higher Education.

HTM Students Madison Hurst & Andria Baxter

Story and Photo Credit: Teresa Pitman, atGuelph

Here’s a math question: How many one-litre jars can you fill when you have 500 pounds of tomatoes to can?

HTM students Andria Baxter and Madison Hurst know the answer because they’ve done it. Their total? “Approximately 200 jars,” says Baxter.

Amy Rayburn, HTM 2011 Grad

Eat, Love, Pray Adventure

Amy's story, thus far.....

As I sit on this secluded beach, digging my toes into the silky sand, I am amazed to see dolphins playing in the deep blue water while the red hot sun slowly sinks into the Arabian Sea. I literally have to pinch myself to realize this is real. 

Lucy-Mae Von Sichartshofen Schenk - Published Author and Hotel and Food Administration Student

Every year The College of Management and Economics proudly welcomes first year students and endeavours to help them become life-long learners through applied learning opportunities.  Many students embrace the challenges set by CME and prove themselves both academically and professionally.  As a first year Hotel and Food Administration co-op student, Lucy-Mae Von Sichartshofen Schenk personifies CME’s values and brings a lot to the table considering she published her first novel at the age of fourteen. 

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