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About the Project

In celebration of the Ontario Agricultural College's 140th anniversary, we've compiled this listing of 140 people from OAC's past and present community. The project was created in hopes of capturing the diversity of people who make up the identity of OAC and its 140-year-long history. Featuring OAC staff, faculty, students and alumni the list showcases the types of individuals that create the character and uniqueness of OAC.

Established in 1874, the Ontario Agricultural College is a founding college of the University of Guelph and is recognized as Canada's largest and most renowned agricultural college. OAC is a global leader in education, research and service in agriculture, food, environmental sciences and community development and has thousands of proud alumni across the globe.

This project was completed in partnership with the Francis and Ruth Redelmeier Professorship in Rural History in the Department of History, with support from the W.S. (Stan) Young Memorial Grant through the OAC Alumni Foundation.


Thank you to Carleigh Johnston, OAC’s 2014 Glacier Media Summer Communications Assistant, for writing the majority of the current staff, student, faculty and alumni profiles. Carleigh is a current student in the Bachelor of Science - Animal Biology program and an active member of the U of G Women’s Varsity Rugby team.

Thank you to Dr. Pat Bowley, History, who wrote the historical profiles for this project. Pat researches and writes about rural and agricultural history. Her PhD dissertation is a study of the introduction and evolution of soybeans from forage to commodity in agricultural southern Ontario from 1881 to 1983. The early introduction and improvement of soybeans was done primarily at OAC by Charles Zavitz, and is continued by OAC faculty and alumni.

Thank you also to Maggie McCormick and the following University of Guelph departments: Archival and Special Collections in the University of Guelph Library, Computing & Communications Services, and Alumni Affairs and Development.