Mission and Values

As part of the strategic discussion process, there was a need to review and affirm our mission and values in relation to the context above and the feedback received by the community.

OAC leadership, including the Dean’s Council Management Group (see Acknowledgements section), met several times to develop a mission and a set of values for OAC. Although most OAC community members can intrinsically speak to the values and mission of the college, which was evident through the feedback process, it was vital that these be formalized.

Building upon the University of Guelph’s vision To Improve Life, OAC’s mission and values direct our choices, priorities and everyday work. The mission and values are intended to be used by OAC leadership and community members to guide our way forward, including decisions on investments of time and resources over the next five years. These are also the key areas on which OAC’s leaders will report annually.

Our mission:

To Improve Life by inspiring leaders, generating knowledge and creating innovative solutions for food, agriculture, communities and the environment.

We value:

  • Student success

  • Achieving excellence

  • Supporting our people

  • Organizational effectiveness

  • Our legacy and reputation