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Environmental Sciences (MES or M.Sc.)

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The School of Environmental Sciences (SES) offers programs of study leading to M.Sc. and MES degrees. Graduate studies in SES are designed to train people to work independently and imaginatively with a high level of technical skill and scientific acumen. It is expected that the graduates of the programs will provide leadership in research and training in academic, government, and industrial sectors of society and who will participate in the formulation and implementation of constructive national and international science policy.

Potential Faculty Advisors

Two ways to complete your degree

  • The Master of Science (M.Sc.) develops and trains graduate students that possess a high level of knowledge in the field of environmental science, expertise in specific aspects of environmental science (their thesis research focus), training in laboratory and field techniques, and excellence in writing and oral communication. Full details on the M.Sc. program are available through the SES website.
  • The Masters of Environmental Sciences (MES) is a one-year course-based program with the objective to provide a foundation on which students and professionals can study the most recent theoretical and technical advances in the environmental sciences through interdisciplinary (depth) and multidisciplinary (breadth) teaching and research. Full details on the MES program here.

How to Apply

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Meet Bradley, environmental sciences student

"I found out about the Master of Environmental Science (MES) degree at the University of Guelph, which is a course based masters, but allows for some research if you are inclined to do so. My current research focus is on Indigenizing the University of Guelph Arboretum." Read Bradley's full Q&A here.

Meet the Profs

Say hello to the professors of the School of Environmental Sciences in these 60 second snapshot videos. More faculty videos can be found here. 

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Prof. Ryan Prosser
Environmental Toxicology
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Prof. Claudia Wagner-Riddle
Climate Change Mitigation
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Prof. Tom Hsiang
Plant Pathology

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