Giving Stories

The Ontario Agricultural College is fortunate to receive generous support from both alumni and friends. These donors recognize and value the importance of our college and university. Few institutions are as prepared as ours to address the many food and agriculture challenges facing our world. Our students are equipped to help solve global food-related problems and understand the importance of environmental stewardship for the health and prosperity of our communities. Our research is also second to none in Canada.

Many of our donors choose to donate to OAC because they realize there is no better way to support the future of agriculture and food than investing in people and research.

Each donor has a unique and interesting giving story, and reasons why they have chosen to give to OAC. We'd like to share a few of these stories with you.

Ron and Doreen McCracken

Ron and Doreen McCracken both grew up on farms and still feel at home in the country today. When Ron inherited $200,000 from the sale of the family farm, he knew he wanted to give back to agriculture. The problem was, how? One day when Ron took their dog Fritz to the vet, Ron sparked up a conversation about his dilemma. His vet didn’t hesitate, telling Ron to donate to OAC as that’s where “he’d get the best bang for his buck.” Read the full McCracken family giving story.

George and Gerri Klosler

After graduating from OAC, George and his wife Gerri bought land in Oxford County. They raised three sons all who later attended the University of Guelph. When asked why George decided to donate back to the University, he replies, “look at what it did for me. Look at what it has done for my sons who are all very successful. Look at how it has helped our community. Why wouldn’t I give?" Read the full Klosler family giving story.

Jim and Brenda McIntosh

Originally heralding from Scotland, the McIntosh family are one of many egg farming families who have been producing this hearty food for three generations in Ontario. At this stage of life the McIntosh family realizes the future of agriculture depends on research and higher education in modern farming practices. This is why they decided to make a $1 million gift to the University of Guelph to support a professorship in poultry nutrition. Read the full McIntosh family giving story.

George and Lorna Roberts

Like so many young men and women who attended the University of Guelph during the late 1950s, George and Lorna Roberts found each other. Over the years they farmed dairy, chickens and hogs, grew corn, and then switched to a beef finishing operation and cash crops. In 2013, they decided to sell some of their land and faced a significant capital gains tax bill. The Roberts wanted that money to do more. Read the full Roberts family giving story.

For more information on giving options, contact:
Amy Atkinson, OAC Senior Development Manager 519-824-4120, Ext. 58652