OAC Alumni Foundation Governance

The activities of OAC Alumni Foundation are managed by a board of directors and governed by approved by-laws.

Honorary Chair: Dr. J. Bruce Stone

Past Chair: Anna DeMarchi-Meyers
Chair: Dwight Greer
Vice-Chair: Ove Hansen
Secretary: Katie Giddy
Treasurer: Rob Hall

Stefanie Nagelschmitz
Kelly Davey
Martin Harry
Gerry Horst
Peter Ilnyckyj
Al Rickard

Ex-Officio Directors:
John Cranfield, Associate Dean, OAC
Clint Buttar, President, OAC Alumni Association
Morag Stewart, Director of Advancement, OAC
Martin Straathof, Stewardship and Engagement Manager, OAC
Josh Moran, President, Student Federation of OAC

The investment portfolios of both the OAC Alumni Foundation and the OAC Alumni Association are managed by a Joint Investment Committee composed of members appointed by both bodies, and following agreed terms of reference. The JIC Chair and Portfolio Managers are appointed by the Committee.

Joint Investment Committee members representing the Foundation:
Mike C. Ostrowski