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Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management

Bio-resource management involves responsible use of our living resources - the natural environment, animals and plants - for both traditional and new applications. 

The Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management (BBRM) is a degree program designed for students looking for career-oriented training focused on renewable resources. This four-year, interdisciplinary program combines advanced studies in science, technology and business management with hands-on training in bio-resource management and stewardship. A co-op option is also available for all majors. 

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Admission Requirements

Ontario students applying to the Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management program for Environmental Management and Equine Management majors require- ENG4U; SBI4U; and four additional 4U or 4M courses. Completing SCH4U and a 4U math is strongly recommended but not required. For the Food Industry Management major – ENG4U; MHF4U; SBI4U; SCH4U; and two additional 4U or 4M courses are required.

Full information on admission requirements can be found here:

Career Opportunities

  • Environmental maintenance
  • Regulation and remediation (Environmental Management)
  • Event or facility management
  • Consulting
  • Sales and marketing (Equine Management)

Academic Advising

When you get to the University of Guelph, our program counsellors and faculty advisors are here to help you succeed. Program Counsellors can help students navigate specific degree program requirements and regulations, as well as the specializations within the degree program. Faculty Advisors are also available and have specialized expertise in the degree program specializations (major, minor, area of concentration or emphasis).

For more information on academic advising visit the Program Counselling & Advising page or the Undergraduate Academic Information Centre website