OAC Learning Trust (Richards Trust)

The OAC Learning Trust supports learning opportunities and initiatives that enhance the skills of associate diploma, undergraduate and graduate students (Richards Trust) in OAC. Supporting our students' self-identified and self-directed learning opportunities is an important way we ensure excellence in educational programming at the Guelph and Ridgetown campuses.

The fund supports:

  • Experiential Learning: Supporting hands-on, real world learning opportunities domestically or internationally for students including field trips, lab trips and trips to attend academic/ skills competitions
  • International Development: Providing travel opportunities for students that enhance learning including attendance at international youth congresses, leadership opportunities, travel to support and learn from development projects and other programs that enhance global awareness and understanding and help students to develop and improve communications, organizational and networking skills.
  • Student Lead Initiatives: Support events, symposia, conventions or skills workshop to enhance learning for students in initiatives developed for and run by students

The OAC Learning Trust is an endowment fund, established with donations, designed to enrich the student experience, promote excellence in learning and provide new opportunities and enhanced accessibility to learning opportunities for students (diploma and undergraduate) enrolled in courses and programs administered by the OAC. Preference is given to projects that benefit multiple students and/or student groups.

Application Information

A call for OAC Learning Trust applications is done early in the winter semester each year. Instructions regarding submission are sent out to student groups at that time. Applications for support are submitted by OAC students but can be developed and supported by faculty, staff and academic units in OAC.

The proposal should not be longer than one page and should contain:

  • A title that clearly indicates that it is a proposal for support by the OAC Learning Trust
  • Contact information for the applicant(s)
  • A concise description of the project
  • A description of how the project would meet the intentions of The OAC Learning Trust and the areas(s) designated for support by the Trust.
  • An estimate of how many students would benefit from the project (note; it is the intention of the trust to benefit as many students as possible with the limited funds available)
  • A budget (matching funding from other sources for the proposed project is not required but applicants are encouraged to mention it if it exists)
  • Plans for acknowledging support from the OAC Learning Trust if the project is awarded funding.


519-824-4120 Ext. 52284

Examples of Funded Initiatives

Learning Trust (Diploma and Undergraduate)

  • Trip Example: OAC Swine Club  Iowa Trip: Awarded $2,000
  • Competition Example: University of Guelph’s Turf Club, Collegiate Turf Bowl: Awarded: $3,000
  • Event Example: OAC Winter Games: Awarded $200

Richards Trust (Graduate)

  • Trip Example: The Great Lakes Plant Breeding Initiative (GLPBI) – Field trip for plant breeding graduate students: Awarded $1,250
  • Competition Example: OAC Graduate Team attending the 2018 Annual Intercollegiate Animal Welfare Judging and Assessment Contest: Awarded $750
  • Event Example: 8th Annual OAC Graduate Student Council Colloquium: Awarded $100

Special Thanks

Thank you to the various donors, alumni and the OAC Alumni Foundation for their financial support of the OAC Learning Trust.