Beginning Farmer Workshop

Date and Time


Belleville, ON


Beginning Farmer Workshop

Are you looking for a new challenge on your farm? Are you new to agriculture and looking to support the rural lifestyle you are interested in? Whether you’re exploring a new career in farming, starting your own operation from scratch or taking over the family farm, planning is essential for the success of your venture.

Led by an experienced business consultant and workshop leader, this one-day workshop will help new entrants focus on building their farm idea and gathering the financial information needed to create a business plan. The workshop supports the five modules in AMI’s on-line “New Farm Launch Plan” and will provide you with the tools and resources you need to assess your current situation and identify steps you should take moving forward.

Workshop Outcome

By the end of the workshop, you will have foundational knowledge of various aspects of starting a farm business and will begin establishing your farm launch plan.

In this workshop, you will begin to:

  • put your idea on paper (the business plan)
  • determine how will you finance your plan
  • develop your marketing strategy

You will receive a workbook with templates, handouts and resources to use after the course as you continue to launch your business.


$28.25 (includes HST)

Lunch is provided.

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