FarmSmart 2020

Date and Time


Rozanski Hall, University of Guelph


The 2020 FarmSmart Conference will feature presentations addressing current and emerging technology and innovation across a range of topics, from crop and livestock production to soil and environmental management, business, marketing, and general interest.

University of Guelph speakers at this event include, Profs. Bonnie Mallard, Richard Vyn, Alfons Weersink, Laura Van Eerd, Ryan Clemmer, and Katie Wood. The speakes list also features many U of G alum!

Rub shoulders with farmers, farm advisors, ag industry, government and academics to be in the know about what issues are facing and top of mind across rural Ontario. 2019 for many was a challenging year, and this event will help all to plan a path for the upcoming 2020 season. It’s the beginning of a decade when we are going to see the “pace of change” in agriculture ramp up even more.

Full details and registration here.