Gardening Fundamentals: Trees and Shrubs Workshop

Date and Time



The Arboretum


Guest Instructor: Robert Pavlis
Registration deadline: Tuesday, April 9

Trees and shrubs are a long term investment that increases the value of your home. This course will show you how to select, plant and maintain the right ones for your home. Learn about:

  • Selecting the right sized plant
  • Planting correctly
  • Pruning
  • Review of best evergreens
  • Review of best small trees
  • Review of best shrubs

Gardening Fundamentals is a series of courses designed for both the beginner and experienced gardener. Course material covers basic information to provide a good grounding and then goes on to introduce advanced topics that are normally not found in gardening books.  The presenter has over 35 years of gardening experience.

Each course is approximately 2.5 hours in length and is designed to be independent of each other allowing you to take only the courses that are of interest to you. The full set of six courses will give you a very solid understanding of Gardening Fundamentals. At the end of the courses you will be able to plant and maintain the best garden on your block. You will also have an opportunity to have all of your gardening questions answered by local Master Gardeners.