Pursue a PhD Discovering the Power of Food

A researcher in a lab holding an avocado.
Prof. Paul Spagnuolo, Department of Food Science, works on the development of nutraceuticals as novel therapeutics.

Does food have the ability to heal us?

Chocolate, sausages, margarine or avocados could be our saving grace. Work with world-renowned researchers at the University of Guelph to discover the hidden health benefits of food and conduct research with real-life impact. 

Do you want to achieve something significant? Are you driven to explore and learn new things?  If you want to improve your abilities to understand and solve problems, become a better communicator and make a difference, then a doctorate may be right for you.

PhDs that make a difference  

Meet your future faculty advisor

Say hello to some of the featured professors doing research on the power of food. 

Head shot of Lisa with a play button overlaid.
Prof. Lisa Duizer
Food Sensory
Head shot of Alejandro with a play button overlaid.
Prof. Alejandro Marangoni
Physical Properties of Fats and Oils

Food Science

Shai Barbut (meat structure & quality)
Benjamin M. Bohrer (meat science & muscle biology)
Lisa Duizer (sensory properties of food)
Jeff Farber (food safety)
Douglas Goff (physical chemistry & structure of food)
Arthur Hill (dairy science & technology)
Iris Joye (cereal science & technology)
Gisèle LaPointe (dairy microbiology)

Animal Biosciences

John Cant (health implications of dairy consumption)
Ira Mandell (beef and swine meat quality)


Loong-Tak Lim (food packaging)
Alejandro Marangoni (composition of fats and oils)
Massimo Marcone (food chemistry)
Don Mercer (food processing)
Yoshinori Mine (molecular food science)
Michael Rogers (health implications of what we eat)
Paul Spagnuolo (nutraceuticals)
Keith Warriner (food safety)


To learn more about professors conducting research related to food and other areas visit the Department of Animal Biosciences' website or Department of Food Science's website.

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