Pursue a PhD Investigating Genomics

Two students working in a lab.

Can genes incite a revolution?

From Medel's peas to population-level analysis of genomes, each new genetics breakthrough first achieved commercial deployment in agriculture. Work with world-renowned researchers at the University of Guelph, Ontario Agricultural College to conduct research with real-life impact.

Do you want to achieve something significant? Are you driven to explore and learn new things?  If you want to improve your abilities to understand and solve problems, become a better communicator and make a difference, then a doctorate may be right for you.

PhDs That Make a Difference  

Meet your future faculty advisor

Say hello to some of the featured professors doing research on genomics. 

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Prof.Angela Canovas
Animal Genetics and Genomics
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Prof. Peter Pauls
Bean Breeding

Animal Biosciences

Christine Baes (dairy & poultry)
Angela Cánovas (beef and small ruminants)
Niel Karrow (ruminant)
Filippo Miglior (dairy)

Plant Agriculture

Stephen Bowley (perennial forage legume & grass)
Adam Dale (berry crops)
Mehrzad Eskandari (soybean)
Laima Kott (canola)
Elizabeth Lee (maize)
Lewis Lukens (bioinformatics & quantitative genetics)


Andy Robinson (swine & fish)
Flavio Schenkel (dairy)
Jim Squires (swine)


Alireza Navabi (wheat)
K. Peter Pauls (beans)
Istvan Rajcan (soybeans)
Jayasankar Subramanian (tree fruit)
Alan Sullivan (ornamental species)
David Wolyn (asparagus)


To learn more about professors conducting research related to genomics and other areas visit the Department of Animal Biosciences' websiteSchool of Environmental Sciences' website or Department of Plant Agriculture's website.

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