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Thank you for your interest in our on-campus offerings. Our on-campus experience request forms will be re-opened in August. 

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Sessions Available for Fall 2019

Please note the following sessions are fully booked; they will become available again in September 2019. 

Sessions include hands-on workshops and tours led by faculty, staff and students. On-campus experiences can be tailored to create a reach ahead opportunity for your SHSM students. Some sessions can also serve as a certificate of participation towards their major, to learn more about our SHSM support click here.

On-Campus Experiences are offered by request and depend upon availability of session facilitators. 

Seed Saving

Jump into a horticultural focused session on seed saving. Practice different techniques for the harvesting, threshing and preserving of horticultural seed. Learn more about horticulture here. 

Climate Change Gardening

Learn how to care for plants in our ever-changing climate. Explore how plants are adapted to survive under a broad range of different environmental conditions. Learn more about plant science here

Plant Identification

Challenge your knowledge of plants at Bovey Greenhouse. Learn from a Greenhouse Technician about current plant research followed by an interactive activity where students will work in groups to identify a collection of plants. 

Plant DNA Extraction Lab

Get introduced to plant genetics with the Department of Plant Agriculture. Students will extract DNA from plant tissue accompanied by an informative lecture on applications in plant research and breeding. 

Discovering Honey Bees

Visit the Honey Bee Research Centre and get the buzz on bees. Students will learn about honey bee biology, social structure, and how to behave around stinging insects. Students will then have an opportunity to visit the apiary to see different parts of a live hive. Finish with a taste of honey directly from the honeycomb!

The Gluten Project 

Students will get familiar with gluten proteins through a short informative presentation by the Department of Food Science followed by hands-on experiments on gluten in breadmaking. Students will compare the properties of wheat flour to other cereal flours and discuss the negative perceptions gluten.

Exploring Food Chemistry 

Visit the Department of Food Science to learn about the chemistry of food. Students will learn about scientific concepts using food activities including; cold cream versus warm cream to make butter and using egg white to stabilize foams.

Soil Texturing and Biology Lab

Students will participate in interactive exercises using hand textural tests to determine different types of soil texture. The difference in soil textures and its importance to agriculture. environmental planning and urban development will be explored.

Insect Inspectors at The Arboretum

Step outside of your comfort zone and uncover the diversity of insect species in The University of Guelph Arboretum. Students will search for live insects in the environment and identify them with help from a naturalist.

Insect Identification

Discover and explore Ontario's amazing insect diversity by starting with a look at the insects that occur in and around our homes! Students will learn how to properly use a microscope and examine a variety of preserved insect specimens in this unique workshop.

All About Trees at The Arboretum

Visit one of the most beautiful natural spaces on campus, the Arboretum! Students will walk through The Arboretum with a naturalist to learn about tree identification, disease, conservation, and biology.

Plant Preservation at GRIPP

Visit on the Gosling Research Institute for Plant Preservation and uncover the concepts of plant preservation, conservation and biodiversity. Students will attend a short lecture on plant tissue culture, cryobiology and plant production system followed by an activity of transferring plant tissue culture in a laboratory setting.

Biomaterials at BDDC

Tour the innovative Bioproducts Discovery and Development Centre. Students will be introduced to research focusing on biobased materials like green plastics, plant by-products, and industrial co-products to create products such as compostable coffee pods and car parts. Students will tour the labs where different formulations are engineered and samples are tested for various properties. 

Make Your Pitch

Students will learn the basics of effective public speaking and will then have their own chance to wow the crowd with their creative and fun pitch for a commonly consumed food item. Each group will receive a different food product and will have a short five minutes to gain buy in from the audience for their marketing pitch. This session is well suited for students interested in business.