COVID-19 Update: Winter semester co-op, internships and placements

Posted on Thursday, March 19th, 2020

Below is an excerpt from the "The University of Guelph’s Academics COVID-19 FAQs”:

“Should students in co-op work terms, internships, practica, or other experiential learning placements continue to engage in their placement?

The work placement host/employer may decide to impose social distancing and ask student employees to work from home or may terminate the placement early.

If you can continue your experiential learning opportunity, we encourage you to do so. Discuss the potential for work-from-home arrangements with your host/employer and follow guidelines and protocols set out by your placement host/employer.

If you choose to discontinue your placement, we will support your decision without penalizing you for doing so.

If you choose to leave your work term or placement early, please let your co-op, internship or practicum coordinator know. 

If you are in a program with formal credentialing and required practicum/internship hours, practicum coordinators and instructors will work with you and your supervisor in ‘the coming weeks to address outstanding requirements.”

*If you have questions, please contact your course instructors or placement coordinator. For example, students in AGR*3500 and AGR*3010 should contact the course instructor.*


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