OAC Research Phase-In Information

Posted on Thursday, June 18th, 2020

With the recent release of the University’s Research Phase-in Framework (central U of G login required - link updated on July 9), OAC researchers can begin to plan for the increased phase-in of research activities beginning on June 29.

It is important to note that this does not signal a full return to normal research activities, but a gradual scale-up of research activities based on the principles and guidance included in the Research Phase-in Framework.

Approval Process

Within OAC, decisions about the phase-in of research will be made at the academic unit level with oversight from the college. This process will involve both the assessment of research prioritization and review and approval of “Research Management Plans”, as outlined in the Framework.

Faculty members and/or Principal Investigators (PIs) will be required to complete a research management plan for their research spaces and personnel, which addresses how the proposed work can be conducted to minimize the risk of COVID-19 exposure and spread.

Faculty and PIs should consider the prioritization of research activities and/or personnel, and develop their research management plans, with reference to the University’s Research Phase-in Framework (central U of G login required - link updated on July 9). Any specific additional departmental/school/Ridgetown Campus requirements and a Research Management Plan form should have been circulated through your unit. These plans should be submitted to your Chair/Director for review and approval. Access to research facilities will be granted in a transparent and equitable manner.

Personal Protective Equipment and Planning

June 29th is the first day that we expect that new approved activities to begin on campus facilities, however access will be contingent on appropriate and sufficient PPE being in place for work to proceed safely. Researchers must ensure that necessary supplies are procured, and work plans are developed. The Office of the OAC Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies is working with the University to address issues related to traffic flow in buildings and use of common areas, so researchers can focus on planning for their research spaces.

Recommendation of Continued Remote Work

While we will be able to undertake a broader range of activities than have been allowed to date, please note that any work that can be conducted safely and effectively without the physical use of UofG facilities should continue to be conducted remotely.

In addition, the opportunity for increased research activity does not mean that researchers (including graduate students) are expected to return to these research spaces. There may be reasons, such as on-going health concerns or other COVID-19–related reasons, for individuals to delay their return. Anyone in this situation, should contact their supervisor and/or the Graduate Coordinator.

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