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In-Class Workshops

Let us come to you! Developed and delivered by experts, our workshops will help your students understand complex issues related to agriculture, food, and the environment. In-Class workshops are first-come-first-serve, depend upon the availability of workshop facilitators and geographical distance. A list of our current workshops are listed below.  Please note, we are no longer taking requests for June 2023.  

Careers in Agriculture and Beyond

Explore a variety of educational and career pathways in agriculture and related sectors through hands-on activities and facilitated discussions.
Curriculum alignments: GLC2O

The Buzz on Bees

Expand your knowledge of honey bee social structure and anatomy. Take part in fun activities that challenge your understanding of these important insects and learn how they contribute to our food supply.
Curriculum alignments: SBI3U, SBI3C         

Food Sensory Perception

Investigate how the olfactory and gustatory systems work together. Use your senses to learn about food perception and how that influences the food experience and product development.
Curriculum alignments: SNC2D, SNC2P, SBI3U, SBI3C

Animal Housing

Combine your knowledge of the respiratory, circulatory, and digestive systems of various production animal species with information on how they relate to their physical environment. This workshop includes a brief information session with a cumulative hands-on challenge. 
Curriculum alignment: SBI3U

What’s on Your Plate?

Learn about various aspects of the food production industry. Gain a better understanding of where your food comes from and how it gets to your table. 
Curriculum alignments: SBI3U

In-class workshops are offered by request and upon availability of workshop facilitators. Experience one of our workshops in your classroom by completing a visit request form online. New workshop options coming soon!

For questions about in-class workshops please contact:
Christine Wilkinson, Liaison Officer