OAC Student Perspectives Blog

In this series of blog posts, OAC students takes us through some of the ups and downs of their journeys at the University of Guelph.

"Being a student at U of G has helped me to grow, learn and adapt in ways I never thought would be possible for me. I hope that in sharing some of the things I’ve learned and tools I’ve used for personal development over the years can inspire you to go beyond your limits as you embark on your journey at the University of Guelph." -E'layna Baker, FARE student.

E'layna wearing a dress, yellow blazer and a graduate cap, standing under the Portico.

Reflections from an OAC graduate

The undergrad experience can be a journey filled with triumph, despair, and everything in between. As a graduating student, E'layna reflects on her time at U of G.

E'layna and her mom.

Why I Chose U of G

From initial internet research, to stepping foot on campus and everything in between, E'layna takes us on her journey of why she chose the University of Guelph.

Students laughing while on their computers.

Tips for Finding your Work/School/Life Balance

Balancing school, jobs and personal life can be difficult, but important for your physical and mental health. For this blog post E'layna shares some ideas on how students can find a healthier work-school-life balance.