Coursework for PhD in NACS

Required Courses for all students:

  • Research Seminar in Neuroscience and Applied Cognitive Science B (PSYC*6760)
  • For students coming from other Masters programs, Ethical Issues in Psychology (PSYC*6880) or Animal Care Short Course (UNIV 6600)
  • 3 electives from the list below or from other Departments, with the option of Practicum II (PSYC*6472) which is credited as 2 electives
  • Thesis
  • Qualifying Examination - click here for more information

Three elective courses from the following list:

PSYC*6472 [1.00] Practicum II
PSYC*6473 [0.25] Practicum III
PSYC*6750 [0.50] Applications of Cognitive Science
PSYC*6780 [0.50] Foundations of Cognitive Science
PSYC*6790 [0.50] Memory and Cognition
PSYC*6800 [0.50] Neurobiology of Learning
PSYC*6810 [0.50] Neuropsychology
PSYC*6900 [0.50] Philosophy and History of Psychology as a Science

Students are also given the option of choosing a graduate elective from outside this list with the permission of their advisor.


Instructions on when to register for Research Seminar in Neuroscience and Applied Cognitive Science B:

This seminar is a two-semester commitment. If you register for the course during any academic year, then you must register for the course twice: once in the Fall and once in the Winter. If you do not register for both semesters, you will have incomplete coursework on your transcript, and will be unable to complete the PhD program until it is resolved.

All PhD students must register for the seminar every Fall and Winter of the program with one exception. If, in consultation with your advisor, you believe that you might graduate before the end of the Winter semester, then you should not register for the seminar in either the Fall or Winter. Registering in either term will prevent you from completing the PhD program until the seminar finishes. In such cases, please inform the course instructor before the course starts that you will not be registering. You are still expected to attend the seminar, and are welcome to give a talk.