Graduate Studies

PhD in Neuroscience and Applied Cognitive Science (PhD. PSYC)

The PhD programs in Neuroscience and Applied Cognitive Science provide training for students interested in the integrative functioning of the brain.

This program encompasses:  basic cognitive processes, behavioural neuroscience, cognitive ergonomics, cognitive neuroscience, developmental and life-span cognition, and foundations of cognitive science.  Students in these disciplines have the opportunity to learn about the interdisciplinary work of other students, faculty and outside researchers in the weekly seminar in Neuroscience and Applied Cognitive Science research seminar. 

Coursework for NACS MSc.

Preparatory Course Work

Students will acquire knowledge and skills necessary to carry out Neuroscience and Cognitive Science research in academic and/or applied settings. At the Masters level, this will involve a course in Research Design and Statistics, a course in Research Ethics (Animal research ethics or Human research ethics), at least one elective in their specific field of research and the Research Seminar in Neuroscience and Applied Cognitive Science. 


Qualifying Exam Applied Social PhD

General information about qualifying examinations at the University of Guelph can be accessed at in the current graduate calendar

The Applied Social PhD Qualifying Examination will take place no later than the 5th semester following the MA degree. Its three broad goals are to demonstrate the student's knowledge of the subject matter of Applied Social Psychology, ability to integrate material derived from his/her studies, and ability and promise in research.

Industrial-Organizational (PhD.PSYC) - Courses

After completing the Admissions requirements For the PhD the following are required: (For descriptions of the courses please see the Graduate Program Calendar)

PSYC*6900 [0.50] Philosophy and History of Psychology as a Science
PSYC*7070 [0.50] Psychological Measurement
PSYC*7080 [0.00] Consulting in Industrial/Organizational Psychology
PSYC*7130 [0.50] Introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology

What is the status of my Graduate Application?

Each graduate area evaluates their applications and conducts interviews throughout January and February. Only those being interviewed will be contacted.

Offer of Admission recommendations are submitted by the Department to the Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies for review and acceptance. Following this action of the Department, our field's of study typically email their students who have been recommended, indicating that an Official Offer of Admission is pending. We ask for your patience during this process.