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Text Analysis

2021 Summer Workshops, college of arts, university of guelph

Distant Reading in Theory and Practice:
Computational Approaches to Text Analysis

This workshop is full for 2021!


Asen Ivanov, University of Guelph
Lisa Baer-Tsarfati, University of Guelph
Paul Barrett, University of Guelph


This survey course introduces distant reading concepts, methods, and techniques such as data mining, sentiment, textual analysis, word embedding, and topic modelling. It is not a math course; however, it will introduce students to concepts in data science, data collection, data cleaning, statistics, and machine learning as they are relevant to the Digital Humanities. By employing examples and case studies, as well as incorporating participants’ own data, this course will offer an opportunity for participants to gain hands-on experience collecting data, curating data, and employing  distant reading techniques.

Intended Audience:

Anyone with an interest in digital humanities and language. While this course will employ Python, no prior programming experience is necessary.