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History students at the University of Guelph earn one of the most versatile degrees available working with some of Canada's top historians and researchers. More and more, professions and professional schools look for young people with broad training, adaptable skills and clear judgment, rather than a narrow field of training. Our graduates are flexible, intelligent, polished communicators, researchers and problem solvers who follow their passions in business, law, education, civil service, education, journalism and the arts.

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  • Tri-U Conference poster

    Registration is open for 2019 Tri-U Conference, "In Small and Large Things Remembered": Material Culture and History. Saturday 9 March 2019.

    Host: History Dept., University of Guelph.

  • Rural History Seminars

    We are proud to present our Rural History Round table series for the winter semester; sponsored by the Francis and Ruth Redelmeier Professorship in Rural History.