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Our Faculty

core faculty by field


     Femi J. Kolapo

Asia/Middle East

     Jesse Palsetia    Norman Smith    Renée Worringer


     Catherine Carstairs    Peter A. Goddard    Alan Gordon    Matthew Hayday   
     Brittany Luby   Kris E. Inwood   Linda Mahood    Catharine Wilson

Indigenous Peoples

     Kim Anderson    Brittany Luby 

Digital Humanities

     Kimberley Martin


     James E. Fraser    Kevin James    Linda Mahood


     William Cormack    Susannah H. Ferreira    Peter A. Goddard   
     Cathryn Spence    Alan McDougall    Jacqueline Murray

History of Science/Medicine

     Tara Abraham    Catherine Carstairs    Stuart McCook   Sofie Lachapelle  

South and Central America

     Stuart McCook    Karen Racine

United States

     Tara Abraham    Susan Nance


faculty, alphabetical

Abraham, Tara H., Graduate Program Coordinator

MacKinnon Extension Rm. 1010
Ph. ext. 56012

Carstairs, Catherine

MacKinnon Extension Rm. 2013
Ph. ext. 53185

Cormack, William S.  

MacKinnon Extension Rm. 1012
Ph. ext. 53205

Ferreira, Susannah H. 

MacKinnon Extension Rm. 2006
Ph. ext. 53162

Fraser, James E. 

MacKinnon Extension Rm. 1009
Ph. ext. 52255

Goddard, Peter A.

MacKinnon Extension Rm. 1014
Ph. ext. 54460

Gordon, Alan 

MacKinnon Extension Rm. 2005
Ph. ext. 53123

Hayday, Matthew, Department Chair

MacKinnon Extension Rm. 2003
Ph. ext. 56052

Inwood, Kris E. 

MacKinnon Building Rm. 716
Ph. ext. 53536

James, Kevin, Scottish Studies Foundation Chair and Undergraduate Program Co-Advisor

MacKinnon Extension Rm. 1011
Ph. ext. 53226

Kolapo, Femi J.    

MacKinnon Extension Rm. 2019
Ph. ext. 53212

Luby, Brittany

MacKinnon Extension Rm. 1015
Ph. ext. 53210

Martin, Kimberley

MacKinnon Extension 1003
ex. 58245

Mahood, Linda L.    

MacKinnon Extension Rm. 2014
Ph. ext. 53238

McCook, Stuart   

MacKinnon Extension Rm. 2002
Ph. ext. 53213

McDougall, Alan

MacKinnon Extension Rm. 1013
Ph. ext. 53165

Murray, Jacqueline  

MacKinnon Extension Rm. 1005
Ph. ext. 58521

Nance, Susan

MacKinnon Extension Rm. 2008
Ph. ext. 56327

Palsetia, Jesse, Curriculum Chair

MacKinnon Extension Rm. 2018
Ph. ext. 53206

Racine, Karen    

MacKinnon Extension Rm. 2001
Ph. ext. 52203

Smith, NormanCollege of Arts Research Leadership Chair

MacKinnon Extension Rm. 2017
Ph. ext. 58012

Spence, Cathryn

MacKinnon Extension Rm. 1011
Ph. ext. 53226

Wilson, Catharine A., Francis and Ruth Redelmeier Professor of Rural History

MacKinnon Extension Rm. 2015
Ph. ext. 53204

Worringer, Renée, Undergraduate Program Co-Advisor

MacKinnon Extension Rm. 1004
Ph. ext. 52442

adjunct faculty / sessional instructors

Armstrong-Reid, Susan    susanar@uoguelph.ca

Beausaert, Rebecca    rbeausae@uoguelph.ca

Cox, Lisa    lcox@uoguelph.ca

Derry, Margaret    mderry@poplarlane.net                    

Post-Doctoral Researchers

Dye, Sierra    sdye@uoguelph.ca


Visiting Professors

Evren Altinkas, MacKinnon Extension Rm. 1003, altinka@uoguelph.ca


Professors Emeritus

Abbott, Lewis A., Professor Emeritus   uabbott@uoguelph.ca

Andrew, Donna T.University Professor Emerita    dandrew@uoguelph.ca

Boehnert, Gunnar C., Professor Emeritus    gboehner@uoguelph.ca

Cassidy, KeithProfessor Emeritus    kcassidy@uoguelph.ca

Crowley, Terry A.University Professor Emeritus    tcrowley@uoguelph.ca

Elizabeth E. Ewan, Professor Emerita    eewan@uoguelph.ca

Farrell, David R., Professor Emeritus    dfarrell@uoguelph.ca

McCalla, DouglasUniversity Professor Emeritus    dmccalla@uoguelph.ca

Munford, Clarence J., Professor Emeritus     cjm@continuum.org

Reid, Richard M.Professor Emeritus       rreid@uoguelph.ca

Stelter, Gilbert A.University Professor Emeritus    gstelter@uoguelph.ca