Current Debates in Epistemology (PHIL*4360) | College of Arts

Current Debates in Epistemology (PHIL*4360)

Code and section: PHIL*4360*01

Term: Winter 2021

Instructor: Mark McCullagh


* 300 word discussion piece each week, posted on Teams
* participation in weekly discussions
* one final essay (about 3,000 words)

Weekly routine
Weekend: do reading for following week; begin writing discussion piece
Tuesday: [mandatory] live seminar on Teams
Wednesday: post your discussion piece on Teams
Thursday: [mandatory] live seminar on Teams

* Epistemology and Methodology in Ethics, by Tristram McPherson
* Conceptual Engineering and Conceptual Ethics, edited by Alexis Burgess, Herman Cappelen, and David Plunkett
* perhaps, other articles (I will supply PDFs)

Course Outline