Ethics in the Life Sciences (PHIL*3450) | College of Arts

Ethics in the Life Sciences (PHIL*3450)

Code and section: PHIL*3450*01

Term: Winter 2019

Instructor: Cameron Fioret


 “Food, Water, and Environmental Ethics and Justice”

"This seminar will explore food, water, and environmental ethics and justice. We will examine contemporary works which delve into privatization and commodification of food and water, as well as the political mechanisms that allow for certain distributions of these necessities for life. We will also investigate certain arguments towards the environment regarding its conservation and/or exploitation. Humanity is faced with a century of severe consequences regarding food, water, and the environment, and we will encounter a variety of philosophies which argue for differing standpoints in how food, water, and the environment ought to be treated. Our reading materials oscillate between practical and abstract - descriptive and normative – while we contemplate how best to approach and overcome these most pressing issues of our times."

Course Outline