History of Modern European Philosophy from Kant (PHIL*3080) | College of Arts

History of Modern European Philosophy from Kant (PHIL*3080)

Term: Fall 2013


Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit from 1807 is a work of overwhelming philosophical significance. Drawing on the duel legacies of the Kantian philosophy and the ancient philosophies of Plato and Aristotle, Hegel's Phenomenology re-defined the philosophical terrain, and set the terms for subsequent 19th (and 20th) Century philosophical investigation in Europe. Hegel's project is to describe experience "from the inside", and his rigorous deployment of this method leads to a comprehensive account of the dynamism and the range of human experience. The core of our class will be a study of this book as we investigate the nature of knowledge, the nature of interpersonal life, and the nature of politics. We will contextualize our primary study of this work with studies of Kant and at least one other 19th Century figure such as Mark or Nietzsche.


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