Indian Philosophy (PHIL*3910) | College of Arts

Indian Philosophy (PHIL*3910)

Code and section: PHIL*3910*01

Term: Fall 2020

Instructor: Ken Dorter


A survey of Indian philosophy centered on a detailed examina¬tion in class of four Upanishads (Isha, Katha, Mandukya, and Chandogya), the Bhagavad Gita, and Buddhism (the Dhammapada, Nagarjuna’s Mula-madhyamika-karika, and Vasubandu’s Trimshika).

The class will meet on Zoom in the hope that this will enable interaction and discussion. The Zoom sessions will be recorded and posted for those of you who can’t attend live. Other resources will also be posted on Courselink.

Course requirements:

a) either two 1250 word essays (25% each) or one 2500 word essay (50%) on works not covered in class, and b) a final exam on the class readings (50%).

Required Texts:
Radhakrishnan and Moore, Sourcebook in Indian Philosophy (Princeton; ISBN: Paperback: 9780691019581, eBook: 9781400865062)

Download from Courselink: Five Upanishads and Nagarjuna’s Mula-madhyamika-karika.

Course Outline