Intro Phil: Basic Problems (PHIL*1050-02) | College of Arts

Intro Phil: Basic Problems (PHIL*1050-02)

Term: Fall 2014


This course is an introduction to the problems and methods of philosophy. Readings are from original texts by philosophers from Réné Descartes to Helen Longino. The course focuses on three topics.

  • Knowledge and belief: what do I know about the world?
  •  Scientific method: should I believe the results of science?
  •  Free will: did my neurons make me do it?

The course has three main aims.

  • To master the content of the material;
  • To develop the ability to formulate one’s thoughts clearly and cogently, the ability to express
  • oneself with precision and rigour, and the ability to approach texts and arguments in an openminded
  • yet critical way;
  • To gain an appreciation of philosophy and philosophical method, including its history, its central
  • problems and its connections with other intellectual endeavours.


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