Intro Phil: Major Texts (PHIL*1000-02) | College of Arts

Intro Phil: Major Texts (PHIL*1000-02)

Term: Fall 2013


Our course is an exploration of the work of three important figures from the history of philosophy, Rene Descartes, David Hume, and Friedrich Nietzsche. Our course's lectures, in-class discussion, and tutorial seminars shall focus on identifying and understanding key philosophical ideas and issues, and the various ways to approach and appreciate works of philosophy. We shall discuss the ways, methods, and practices of doing philosophy. Lurking within each of the course's texts is a particular way of doing philosophy that is intimately connected with the philosophical statement each philosopher is trying to make. By examining these ways of philosophizing we can come to a fuller appreciation and understanding of the text, and address perennial problems in philosophy itself. One of these problems is this: Is there only one true way of understanding the world (only one way of doing philosophy; only one method by which the truth can be expressed or explained), or whether the world and the truth are open to many ways by which we may express them philosophically.


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