Intro. Philosophy: Major Texts (PHIL*1000-01) | College of Arts

Intro. Philosophy: Major Texts (PHIL*1000-01)

Term: Fall 2012


In this introduction to philosophy we will focus on the question: “What am I?” Am I
a lump of matter that behaves in strict accordance with scientifically discoverable
laws of nature, or am I something like a spiritual substance that transcends such
laws? What (if anything) is the self? What is consciousness? Am I free? How can
I answer these questions? We will look at some of the most penetrating
philosophical writings in the history of humanity on these issues. This includes
texts by Plato, the Buddha, René Descartes, John Locke, David Hume, Paul
Churchland and Alva Noë. Students can expect a rigorous introduction to
philosophical methods and the interpretation of texts. There will be significant
amounts of reading and writing throughout the semester. There will be exams,
papers, and students will be expected to participate actively in seminars.


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