Intro Philosophy: Social and Political Issues (PHIL*1010) | College of Arts

Intro Philosophy: Social and Political Issues (PHIL*1010)

Code and section: PHIL*1010*01

Term: Winter 2019

Instructor: Kyle Bromhall


This course is a philosophical introduction to current social and political issues. Public discourse is in a sorry state: partisanship is rampant; the left is becoming alarmingly authoritarian; the right is becoming increasingly transgressive. Fortunately, philosophy provides us with the tools necessary to navigate, examine, and evaluate positions in a clear and systematic manner. In this course, we will consider many of the most important problems of modern times. It will directly deal with current events and seek to understand their causes and effects. Topics of discussion will include but are not limited to: the state of nature; free speech; the legislation of force; racism; affirmative action; privilege; rights; the redistribution of wealth; and, the permissibility of violent rebellion.


Course Outline