Intro. Philosophy: Social & Political Philosophy (PHIL*1010-02) | College of Arts

Intro. Philosophy: Social & Political Philosophy (PHIL*1010-02)

Term: Fall 2013


In gentler times, moral education was an integral part of all levels of study. In our age of specialization and plurality, it has become unfashionable - even offensive - to speak in terms of "Moral Education". In Social and Political Issues we will explore the possibility that morals can be identified, valued, and evolved. While there is no specific moral agenda for our inquiry, we will journey together and explore issues that are current and relevant to our past, present, and future. While the course begins with some fairly practical matters, such as technical vocabulary and techniques of philosophic inquiry, these preliminaries will quickly give way to a sustained inquiry into some of the most pressing - and interesting - questions of our time.


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