Introductory Philosophy: Social and Political Issues (PHIL*1010-01) | College of Arts

Introductory Philosophy: Social and Political Issues (PHIL*1010-01)

Term: Fall 2015


This course provides an introduction to philosophy through contemporary ethical, social and political issues. We will begin with a brief discussion of ethical theories, political philosophy and the Canadian legal system. Then we will examine a range of perspectives on topics such as Aboriginal rights, multiculturalism, health care policy, and climate change. The goals of this course are to help you understand some of the philosophical underpinnings of some social and political issues, to understand and appreciate their complexity, and to develop some philosophical skills (thinking, reading and writing) that are applicable to many disciplines and contexts. At the end of the course, you should be better equipped to understand and evaluate philosophical arguments about social and political issues, and to develop and present your own reasoned positions on these and related issues.


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