Kant and his Legacy (PHIL*3100) | College of Arts

Kant and his Legacy (PHIL*3100)

Code and section: PHIL*3100*01

Term: Winter 2018

Instructor: Kenneth Dorter


A study of two of Kant’s major works, Prolegom­ena to any Future Metaphys­ics and Critique of Judgment. 

Required text is Kant, Prolegom­ena to any Future Metaphys­ics, second edition (Hackett ISBN 0-87220-593-2); Kant, Critique of Judgment (Hackett ISBN 13:978-0-87220-025-8).

Course require­ments:

a) either two 1250 word essays (25% each) or one 2500 word essay (50%), and

b) a final exam on the class readings (50%).

Course Outline