Philosophy Research Presentation (PHIL*4820) | College of Arts

Philosophy Research Presentation (PHIL*4820)

Code and section: PHIL*4820*01

Term: Fall 2020

Instructor: Karyn Freedman


Course Description
The focus of this course is on mastering the oral presentation of a philosophical argument, as well as engaging in respectful, intellectually honest discussion with one’s audience. Over the course of the semester students will develop and present a philosophical argument on a topic of their choice, working together in groups (remotely) during regularly scheduled class times, working independently, and meeting with me (also remotely) one-on-one. By the end of the semester students will be ready to present their work at an end-of-semester conference, which will happen either virtually or face-to-face, depending on the public health requirements at the time. Students are expected to have a topic for their presentation prior to the start of the course.

Method of Delivery
Because of COVID-19, we will not be meeting face-to-face, but we will have regularly scheduled class times. We will use these times to have virtual discussions (via zoom) throughout the semester, both one-on-one (with me), and in groups. We will also use this time to give students an opportunity to practice their presentations in various stages of progress, in order to support the development of these presentations for our end-of-semester conference.

Course Outline