Philosophy of Science (PHIL*2180) | College of Arts

Philosophy of Science (PHIL*2180)

Code and section: PHIL*2180*01

Term: Fall 2020

Instructor: Andrew Wayne


In this course we look at science from a variety of philosophical perspectives. We examine contrasting views of scientific method (Hempel, Popper). We look at scientific revolutions and how new scientific paradigms are developed and adopted (Kuhn). We explore contemporary feminist approaches to science (Code, Longino). Finally, we step back and survey the role of science in modern society (Barnes). The influence of scientific experts reaches into almost every aspect of contemporary life. What are the advantages of this kind of society? What are its dangers?

This course will be offered online. It will include interactive activities for course credit during regularly-scheduled meeting times, such as quizzes, discussion sections and presentations.

Course Outline