Social and Political Philosophy: Global Ethics (PHIL*6600) | College of Arts

Social and Political Philosophy: Global Ethics (PHIL*6600)

Term: Winter 2016


This course focuses on recent work in global ethics. Leading social and political philosophers and ethicists have in the past few decades grappled with problems of global poverty, inequality, and environmental degradation. In response to these issues, several thinkers have attempt to develop normative ethical frameworks for addressing harms that are global in scope. Among the theorists/philosophers we will read are Gillian Brock, Simon Caney, Nancy Fraser, Alison Jaggar, Naila Kabeer, Judith Lichtenberg, Martha Nussbaum, Richard Miller, Peter Singer, and Iris Marion Young.

Our weekly meetings will be seminar format, requiring consistent preparation and participation on the part of students. In addition, students will be expected to write weekly 1-pg reflection pieces and a final paper on a topic of your choice, of 15-20 pages.

This course may be used to satisfy the breadth requirement for either Social/Political/Legal Philosophy or Ethics/Value Theory.


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