Social and Political Philosophy (PHIL*6600) | College of Arts

Social and Political Philosophy (PHIL*6600)

Term: Fall 2013


Critical Theory has been a very productive ground in philosophy since its inception with the Frankfurt School. The work of its main founders-Horkeimer, Adorno, Marcuse, Etc.-has exerted significant influence on the work of more recent philosophers particularly in the continent. This influence continued unabated with the work of the second generation critical theorists like Habermas and his sizable body of work. More recently the third generation of Frankfurt Schoolers, like Rainer Forst, have been making their own contribution to this tradition. Forst's The Right to Justification is an important effort to address anew some of the basic moral and political questions with excitingly fresh results that is worth exploring in depth. In this course we will be closely examining Forst argument for the right to Justification.


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