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Dr. Maya Goldenberg

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Areas of Feminist Research: Philosophy of Medicine, Philosophy of Science, Bioethics, Women's Health

I explore how medical knowledge is constructed (using experimental and epidemiological methods), amalgamated (systematic reviews, meta-analyses, consensus statements, clinical guidelines), and interpreted, understood, and applied by clinicians, policy makers, and patients. These inquiries into medical epistemology contribute to feminist philosophical investigation into how women’s bodies are defined and treated within the biomedical context (see Goldenberg 2010b) and women’s corporeal experience of health and illness (2010a). Furthermore, addressing the gaps in our knowledge base of women’s health stands to improve women’s health care. 

I am also interested in the often politically-charged healthcare movements that have been channeled towards addressing these knowledge deficits in women’s health. They include: the women’s health movement (2007); breast cancer awareness and activism (2010c); evidence-based medicine (2012); patient-centered care (2010a); person-centered medicine (2013b).


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