Philosophy Movie Night - "IT COMES AT NIGHT" | College of Arts

Philosophy Movie Night - "IT COMES AT NIGHT"

Date and Time


Philosophy Department Seminar Room

MacKinnon, Room 346


Teasing the upcoming “Philosophy of Horror” group for Winter 2019, we will gather to view and discuss the film “It Comes at Night” – a post-apocalyptic tale of fear, uncertainty and trust. Drawing from the political writings of Thomas Hobbes, the artwork of Hieronymus Bosch (“The Garden of Earthly    Delights”)and Eugene Thacker’s exploration of Dante’s Inferno in his book Tentacles Longer Than Night, we might consider several questions. What is the obsession of our culture with films depicting the ‘end of the world’? How does the film explore the family as political unit? What connections are  deeplydrawn between the body and state – and what happens when either is diseased/broken/subjected to violent anarchy? What connection exists between the body politic, polis & the corpus mysticum?

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