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Financial Support/Awards

Normally the School of English and Theatre Studies guarantees funding to ALL entering students in its MA programs. Funding guarantees are made on the basis of the School’s financial resources and the applicant’s academic merit, but typically, the funding would comprise two teaching assistantships, one in the Fall Semester, and one in the Winter Semester (at the current rate of $5,260 per appointment, this amounts to a guarantee of $10,500 for the academic year). In addition, the School has a limited number of scholarships which are awarded on a competitive basis to students who qualify.

Internal Awards

There are also a number of internal awards and prizes available to graduate students in SETS as well as awards offered by the College of Arts.

Faculty Grants

Several faculty members are the recipients of major research grants that allow for the hiring of graduate research assistants:

Prof. Daniel Fischlin
Prof. Susan Brown
Prof. Ajay Heble
Prof. Mark Lipton
Media Education Project
Prof. Sky Gilbert
The Shakespeare Experiment
Prof. Jerrard Smith
Asterion: A Journey through the Labyrinth
Prof. Alan Filewod
Political Intervention Theatre in Canada
Prof. Daniel O’Quinn
Despotic Alliances, Romantic Interculturalism, Islam & the War with France, 1790-1825
Prof. Martha Nandorfy
The Concise Guide to Global Human Rights
Prof. Ric Knowles
Performing Intercultural Toronto
Prof. Christine Bold
Around 1902: Towards a Different History of Popular U.S. Westerns
Prof. Jennifer Schacker
Cross-Dressed Tales: French Fairy Tales and the British Pantomime Tradition
For additional information about Scholarships and Financial Aid, please see the University of Guelph's Office of Registrarial Services: Student Financial Services


The University of Guelph has established a number of ACCESS awards which provide bursaries for students in financial need. To be eligible for these bursaries, students must complete a needs assessment application available from Student Financial Services, or check the

External Scholarships

The main sources of external funding for MA students are the Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program (OGS), and the SSHRC/CGS Master’s Scholarships. MA students are strongly encouraged to apply for all sources of external funding for which they are eligible. For more information about terms and conditions of these awards, please consult the respective websites: