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Classical Studies

Many students of Classics become insatiable for the subject and take part in a variety of events beyond their regular academic courses, such as impromptu dramatic readings, talks by visiting lecturers and film evenings. For some years now the student Classics Club has held a successful Saturday symposium on a wide variety of topics in the late winter, bringing in speakers from other departments and from neighbouring universities.

Études françaises

La Maison française

Une résidence de personnes qui vivent en français au jour le jour. La Maison est aussi un petit centre de rencontre et de culture francophone sur le campus. Anyone with an interest in Francophone culture is welcome to participate in our activities.

  • French Films
  • Guest Speakers
  • Holiday Réveillon
  • Theatre Trips
  • Faculty Visits
  • Soirées

French House is located in East Residence and offer a unique residence opportunity at the University of Guelph, allowing students to stay in an all French-speaking residence. This dormitory consists of rooms and several common areas with a comfortable, friendly atmosphere in which to practice your French by meeting with Francophones and Francophiles.

For more information about living in La Maison française, or participating in activities, please contact the Program Coordinator.

German Studies

Beyond student-organized trips and film presentations, German Studies offers its students the opportunity to participate in a number of different social and educational events. The German Stammtisch, an opportunity to interact with other students and to practice your language skills, meets on a weekly basis during each semester. The German Language Weekend is an annual event where students from the U of G and WLU spend 2 days at a retreat and participate in activities including cooking, baking, film screening, games, hiking, sports and conversation in German; it’s a fun and entertaining way to practice and learn. 

Spanish and Hispanic Studies

Students interested in additional activities to enhance their program of Spanish and Hispanic Studies are welcome to participate in a variety of extra curricular events. Some examples are:  Aqué se habla español, a weekly, informal conversation circle with native speakers; films in Spanish; cultural events, theatrical productions; musical concerts, and guest speakers. For information on the latest events contact Prof. Denise Mohan at dmohan@uoguelph.ca