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Head shot of Mary Ruth.

Meet Prof. Mary Ruth McDonald

Mary Ruth McDonald is a professor in the Department of Plant Agriculture who researches integrated pest management, plant health, and plant protection.

Head shot of Iris.

Meet Prof. Iris Joye

Iris Joye is a professor in the Department of Food Science who researches gluten proteins, and the functionality of that protein.

Head shot of Asim.

Meet Prof. Asim Biswas

Asim Biswas is a professor in the School of Environmental Sciences who researches sustainable soil management for the benefit of crops and the environment.

Ryan sits with a smile on his face.

SEDRD Professor: Ryan Gibson

Prof. Ryan Gibson's research focuses on finding a way to help transition rural communities into the new global economy.

Wayne sits on a bench.

SEDRD Professor: Wayne Caldwell

Prof. Caldwell's research focuses on the future of rural communities, the future of rural Canada, the future of rural Ontario.

Head shot of Paul.

Catalyzing discovery and change

U of G’s reputation as one of Canada’s top research-intensive universities is no accident. Catalyzing discovery and change is one of the five key themes in our strategic framework. 

30 Second Lecture

Researchers in the Department of Animal Biosciences explain how robotic milking systems can detect early signs of illness in cows.

Minister Jeff Leal speaking at podium

OMAFRA-U of G Agreement

The provincial government will invest up to $713 million toward a unique agreement between the University of Guelph and OMAFRA.