Important Dates for URA Competition: Summer 2017

Student Dates:

December 12, 2016 until February 2, 2017
Financial Need Assessment Form is available.
January 18, 2017
Project proposals are posted on Student Financial Services web site.
January 18 until February 9, 2017
Students apply to departments using Form 2: Student Profile.
February 2, 2017
Last day for students to submit the Financial Need Assessment Form for URA program.
February 9, 2017
Last day Departments will accept job applications.
February 27, 2017
Interviews begin.
March 10, 2017
Interviews conclude.
March 13, 2017
First day job offer may be made and Form 3 - Confirmation of Employment can be sent to Student Financial Services.
March 22, 2017
Last day for departments to forward Form 3 - Confirmation of Employment to Student Financial Services.
March 23, 2017
Unfilled URA positions revert to central pool for possible reallocation. Check the job posting board for new positions over the next two weeks.
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