Mental Health and Workplace Culture in Population Medicine

The Department of Population Medicine in OVC received a Wellness@Work grant in 2018 to provide a space with activities that encourage Population Medicine team members to see the department holistically. The program included a variety of activities to support physical, mental and social health and wellbeing.

A Quiet Moment to Pause, Reflect & Re-energize at the CCLC

The teachers at the Child Care Learning Centre (CCLC) work very hard to care for children all day long. The Parent Advisory Council wanted to show them some appreciation by improving their health and wellness at work. Through the grant program they received, opportunities were created for teachers to find calm, re-energize and reflect in the middle of their high-energy, demanding days.

Making Connections in the Department of Human Health and Nutritional Sciences

Human Health and Nutritional Sciences (HHNS) has nearly 50 staff and faculty employees, across 4 buildings on the University of Guelph main campus. The Wellness@Work grant they received in 2018 helped to further their existing workplace culture and provided the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships outside of work. The specific goals of the initiative were to:

Research Financial Services Reaching for Success in Wellness

In 2018, Research Financial Services received a Wellness@Work grant for their RFS Reaching for Success in Wellness application. 

They held an 8-week health (steps) challenge within their department, focusing on physical activity and hosted three group walking tours to motivate each other.  Through the steps challenge, 7 of them collectively walked over 4 million steps in 8 weeks. 

They held two lunch and learn sessions, which provided helpful coping skills and tips for dealing with stress that can be part of their work.  

Wellness@Work Goes Behind-the-Scenes at the UC Kitchen

University of Guelph Hospitality Services has long been recognized as a Canadian leader for sustainability initiatives within the food service and retail operations.  For 10 years in a row, Maclean’s Magazine has voted U of G the #1 Food Service University in Canada. 

Wellness@Work wanted to give employees a chance to go behind-the-scenes of the extensive food operation in the University Centre, to learn more about how the food we eat gets stored, prepared and delivered on campus.

July 2019 Wellness@Work Calendar

The July Wellness@Work calendar is now posted and there are a lot of exciting activities to participate in this July! 

Join the new ON TOUR series to explore unique spaces on campus that are focused on sustainability.  Tour the UC Basement Kitchen, the Honey Bee Research Centre or the Organic Farm.  Join a talk from the Sustainability Office to learn more about the sustainability programs U of G is known for. 

Water You Drinking? Challenge

Wellness@Work is challenging you to increase your daily water consumption.  Track your daily water intake throughout July!  Put an “X” in each water drop on your tracking sheet (attached) after you’ve had 8 oz of water. 

5 Ways to Make More Time for Friends

If you have a busy scheduled filled to the brim with work, hobbies, and errands, carving out some time for your friends can be difficult. But your pals are important and good friends are good for your health. It’s important to find ways to make time for friends, even if it seems like your planner can't handle another engagement.

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