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Tell Stories With Data

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Instructors: Jennifer Marvin, Adam Doan and Lucia Costanzo

Classroom: Scholars Studio, 2nd floor, McLaughin Library

Tell stories with your data! Effective data visualization can make information consumable, convey important concepts and ideas and even make your arguments more persuasive. Learn the theory behind what makes a visualization effective, and how to avoid common pitfalls.

In this workshop we’ll examine the entire data visualization lifecycle. Learn to gather, create, clean, process, visualize, and share complex data: from text to numerical to network.

In this four-day workshop we will cover:

  • Finding and Getting Data - Learn how to find existing data, and strategies for creating your own.
  • Cleaning and Processing Raw Data - Understand the process of identifying corrupt and missing data and using Trifacta Wrangler, a free, and polished dedicated to cleansing data.
  • Visualizing Data - Use best practices to design, create, and refine data visualizations using the latest software tools like Excel, R (ggplot), Tableau, Voyant, and Gephi, and others.
  • Preserving and Sharing Data - Learn about strategies, tools and best practices for preparing data for sharing and preservation.

This workshop will have engaging demonstrations and participants will have a chance to practice with data and hands-on exercises related to the Digital Humanities.  Participants will be required to bring their own laptop and software installation instructions will be provided prior to the workshop. At the end of workshop, participants will be comfortable with using various tools to harvest, clean, visualize and preserve data.

Intended Audience:

Anyone interested in visualizing data. No previous experience required.