Feminist Theory and Music Conference | College of Arts

Feminist Theory and Music Conference


Feminist Theory and Music 16 Conference Program

OPENING DAY: Thursday, July 7th

10:00-12:00 Pre-conference meeting, Grove Music Online, Revision on Women, Gender, and Sexuality (Mackinnon Building, Rm. 129)

1:00 Registration Opens (Rozanski (ROZ) Lobby)

1:30-2:15 Welcome and Opening Remarks,

     Samantha Brennan - Dean, College of Arts, University of Guelph (ROZ, Lobby)

2:30 - 4:00

Paper Session I: Feminist Cultural Work (ROZ 107)

Chair: Tes Slominski

Notes from Dodie: Hidden Labor and Unmarked Whiteness in the 1960s Music Industry

            Alexandra Apolloni

American Jewish Women and the Nurturing of New York Opera Culture

Samantha Madison Cooper


Roundtable I: On Not Breaking up with Jazz, A Roundtable on Gender and Embodiment in Jazz Studies (ROZ 106)

Nichole T. Rustin, Celeste Day Moore, Karen Campos McCormack, Rebeca Munoz-García, Sarah Town, and Vilde Aaslid


4:00 – 5:00 Keynote Speaker – Charity Marsh (ROZ, 102)


5:00 – 6:00Welcome reception (ROZ, Lobby)



DAY TWO: Friday, July 8th


Paper Session II (short): Pleasure and Empowerment (ROZ, 102)

Chair: Christi-Jay Wells

“Now I’m Gonna Move”: The Embodied Listening and Desirous Rock Criticism of Ellen Willis."

Briana M. Nave

Aging, Trans-aging, and Empowerment in Alanis Morrisette's "Reasons I Drink

            Karen Fournier




Paper Session III (short): Ecofeminism (ROZ, 107)

Chair: Ellen Waterman

Ecofeminist Community in Björk’s Music Video Utopia (2017)

            Anna-Elena Pääkkölä 

“If I Were a Little Sparrow”: Women Folksingers’ Narrative Perspectives in Woman as Bird Songs

            Kari Lindquist


Special Session on Publishing - Women and Music: A Journal of Gender and Culture (10:30-11:15) (ROZ, Atrium)

Lisa Barg and Vanessa Blais-Tremblay


Lecture Recital I (ROZ 106)

Betty the Mom

            Clara Latham, Katherine Brook, and Alice Teyssier




Roundtable II: "Better Be Good to Me": Narratives of Domestic Violence in American Popular Song  (ROZ, 102)

            Stephanie Jensen-Moulton, Samantha Bassler, Lindsey Eckenroth, Lauron Kehrer, and Anna Gotlib


Lecture Recital II (ROZ, 106):

Jazz's Silent Theatre: Explorations of Black Women Performers in Paris

            Rashida K. Braggs


12:30-1:45 Lunch Break and Grad Student Reception (ROZ, Lobby)


Paper Session IV: Consent & Violence (ROZ, 106)

Chair: Stephanie Jensen-Moulton

p r i s m: Bearing Witness to Sexual Assault and Trauma

Jessica Sipe

Hey Siri, Play Me Something I Like: Smart Speakers, Ubiquitous Music, and Legacies of Oppression

            Christina Baade

“I Live the Life I Love and I Love the Life I Live": Covering Jackie Shane's Toronto

            Vange Holtz-Schramek

Bikini Kill’s “Liar”: Trauma, Screams, and Embodied Confusion

            Emily Milius


Paper Session V: Modern Institutions, Issues and Solutions (ROZ, 102)

Chair: Emily Wilbourne


Charting Culture: Industry Data and the Curation of Institutional Memory

Jada Watson

Genealogy-Making: Creating Anti-Imperial Feminist Practices of Repair in Music Research

Denise Gill

Investigating & Addressing Gendered Abuse in 21st-Century Musicological Institutions

Jillian C. Rogers


1:00-2:30 Special Session - Roundtable and Performance, Musique 3 Femmes and Justine et les machines  (Massey Hall, Lower Theatre)

            Students of the University of Guelph Experiential Learning class and Marie-Eve Bouchard and Sonia Paço-Rocchia 



LOCATION: University of Guelph, Arboretum

4:00 -5:30


            Plenary Roundtable Discussion: Feminist Musicology – A Retrospective

           Moderator: Alisha Lola Jones

           Sommer Forrester, Bonnie Gordon, Gayle Murchison, Tes Slominski, and Alyssa Woods



            Plenary Keynote Speaker: Maureen Mahon


           Conference banquet


DAY THREE: Saturday, July 9th



Roundtable III: Women’s Musical Leadership as Lens for Feminist Musical Study: Salon Culture, Collectives, Mentorship, and Networks (ROZ, 106)

Chair: Christina Baade

            Ann Grindley, Laura Watson, Laura Hamer, Helen Julia Minors



Paper Session VII: Envoicing Difference (ROZ, 102)

Chair: Gayle Murchison

Singing OUR stories: Researcher as “Insider”

            Laura Curtis

An Intersectional Approach to Gender Differences in Classical Singers’ Experiences of Music Performance Anxiety

            Meaghan McKay

“It’s Just You Swirling into Your Own Abyss”: Complicated Legacies and Fraught Possibilities in a Twenty-First-Century Mad Scene

            McKenna Milici


“F Delano”: Omoiyari and the Legacy of Japanese Incarceration Camps

Jamie Ascher


11:00-11:30 – Coffee/Tea



Roundtable IV: Building a Feminist Research-Creation Partnership in Quebec’s Music Industry (ROZ, 106)

            Researchers: Vanessa Blais-Tremblay, Nour Amjahdi, Lysandre Champagne, Raphaël Jacques, Jade Lupien, Vicky Tremblay, Émilie Versailles 

            Industry Partners: Lola Baraldi (shesaid.soMTL), Sara Dendane (Mtl Women in Music), Alex Guimond (F*EM), Marcelle Partouche (Lotus Collective MTL Coop)


Paper Session VIII (short): The Beauty of Womanhood (ROZ, 107)

Chair: Ellie Hisama

Afro-diasporic Womanhood in Tania León’s ‘Oh Yemanja’

            Marysol Quevedo

The Baroness Elsa Project: Envoicing Marginalized Genders and Sexualities

            Ellen Waterman


12:30-1:45 Lunch and Business Meeting (ROZ, 102)



Paper Session IX: Transformative Pedagogies (ROZ, 106)

Chair: Mary Natvig

B is for Beyoncé: Picture Books as a Tool for Intersectional Music Education

            Anneli Loepp Thiessen

Jazz Education After 2017: The Berklee Institute of Jazz and Gender Justice and the Pedagogical Lineage

            Tracy McMullen

Cyberfeminism as Artivism for Music Teaching and Learning

            Marissa Silverman



Paper Session X: Indigeneity, Decolonization, and Allyship (ROZ, 102)

Chair: Charity Marsh

            Respondents and Performers: 

Rena-Marie Roussin, Renata Yazzie, and Taqralik Partridge


Hip Hop, Feminist Spaces, and Decolonization

            Liz Przybylski

Ceremony and Sistering: Care Ethics, Indigenous Epistemologies, and Dramaturgy

            Margaret Cormier

Glitch in the [Settler] Machine: Radical Acts of Ind'ins in the Digital Age

            Kate Pewenofkit Briner

Dismantling Settler Colonial Structures in Canadian Music Studies through Feminist Approaches

Gale Maranda Franklin



            Keynote Speaker (ROZ, 102): Emily Wilbourne


            Opera Performance (Massey Hall, Lower Theatre): Musique 3 Femmes: Anna Pigdorna and Maria Reva, Plaything 



CLOSING DAY: Sunday, July 10th




Paper Session XI: Protest & Resistance (ROZ, 106)

Chair: Kimberly Francis

Simone on the Keys: A Protest Dressed in Black Feminine Identity

Abigail C. Lindo

Resisting the Funk Patriarchy: Lyn Collins’s “Mama Feelgood” and Revolutionary Time    

            Rachael Dennis

The Bad Girls Club

George Preston Wilson Jr

Black Feminist Resistance in Barbershop

            Daniel Carsello


Lecture Recital III: O Blissful Loss of Self: Explorations of Ecstasy in the Music and Poetry of Women (ROZ, 102)

Carole Ott Coelho and Tadeu Coelho


11:00-12:00 – Closing Remarks (Lobby)